Round 1 Kuwait [Autonomous]


Travel through present borders of Kuwait.


The robot is required to grasp, hold and upload barrels of varying weights onto a tanker truck and push a button to send the tanker to its destination.



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Round 2 KSA [Autonomous]


Explore Saudi Arabia Desert.


Explore KSA with a robot that follows various straight, curved and discontinued lines and avoids 2 kinds of obstacles.


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Round 3 Bahrain [Remote-Controlled]


Explore the Land of Pearls.


Place pearls in the designated positions.



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Round 4 Qatar [Remote-Controlled]


Be the first to score in the 2022 world cup.


Score first in the 2022 World Cup by shooting at a goal from a specified location.




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Round 5 Oman [Autonomous]


Take your robot for a tour through the valleys of Oman.


Pass through a maze with no line to follow, avoiding dead ends, by using sensors.



Round 6 UAE [Autonomous]


Compete in an Arabian Sword Fight.


Compete in an Arabian sword fight on an arena, following traditional sumo match rules to force another robot out.


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